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Steel Nail Gun

Steel Nail Gun

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Now installing anything has become much easier

◼ Easy to use because it works by air pressure

◼ It does not require a chainsaw or electricity and can be taken anywhere easily

◼ Suitable for all surfaces and floors, whether concrete or iron

  • Silent & Noise-Reduction: Low noise, safer, and comfortable construction environment.
  • Strong Penetrating Power: Only 0.1s for nailing can penetrate 3mm steel plate, nailing in place in one step.
  • Round Nails: For strong concrete, 2cm penetration force, 100pcs round nails will be given as a gift.





Precautions for using gun nail guns

⑴:Before use, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions

⑵: It is strictly prohibited to press the top pipe with hands when the fixing device has nails

⑶: It is strictly prohibited to aim the nail gun into the nail hole at oneself or others

⑷: It is strictly prohibited to use both hands to simultaneously fasten and press the nail tube

⑸: It is strictly prohibited to not hold the sliding sleeve with one hand during nailing

⑹: It is strictly prohibited to use fixtures in places with flammable and explosive materials

⑺: Non staff and minors are not allowed to use this product

⑻: After the retainer is stopped, maintained, disassembled, and wiped, there should be no integral nails in the retainer

⑼: Users must wear protective equipment: protective gloves, impact resistant goggles, and construction caps

⑽: During the fastening operation of the fixture, the original dust cover must be used to prevent materials from flying on the working surface

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